2 Reasons To Have A Medical Equipment Repair Service Take Care Of Your Medical Equipment


If you are a small medical practice, you probably run on a tight budget. When anything unexpected happens, it can blow your budget and make it hard for you to make sure that everything else is met the way it needs to be. That means that if some of your medical equipment stops working, you might worry about how you are going to handle it. Buying brand new equipment can be really expensive, especially if you have things like x-ray machines as part of your office.

21 December 2018

AED Accessories You Should Buy By The Dozen


When you own and intend to operate an AED (automated external defibrillator), you need some accessories to go with it. You cannot simply operate an AED without replenishing the accessories that make this device successful in your attempts to revive someone. When you purchase your first Zoll AED for the first time, be sure to purchase all of the following Zoll AED accessories with it. Defibrillator Gel Defibrillator gel is placed on the skin or on the backs of the AED paddles to prevent electrical contact burns during each attempt to revive someone.

11 May 2018

3 Benefits Of Using Closed System Transfer Devices For Hazardous Drugs


Most people believe that prescribed drugs are designed to heal or eliminate illness and infection. While true in many cases, there are a number of drugs that are hazardous to be exposed to if you are not being treated for a specific condition. Medical staff, especially nurses, and pharmacy employees are at an increased risk to exposure to infusional hazardous drugs. Some pharmacies and hospitals are using hazardous drug closed system transfer device (CSTD)  to help limit exposure.

7 February 2018