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3 Factors That Affect The Accuracy Of Air Displacement Pipettes


Air displacement pipettes are used for many standard pipetting applications. They are highly accurate pipettes although various conditions can affect how accurate the pipettes are. The three most common factors that affect the accuracy of air displacement pipettes are temperature, density, and altitude.

#1 Altitude

The altitude that your pipette is located at will affect the overall accuracy of the air displacement through your pipette. When you have a pipette located at a higher altitude, the air pressure around your pipette is going to decrease. You need to account for this decrease in your calculations when figuring out the air pressure around your pipette.

Altitude can also affect the boiling point of any liquid that you use about your pipette. The change in boiling point can also affect how quickly the water or liquid evaporate as well.

#2 Density

The next factor that affects that accuracy of your air displacement around your pipettes is the density of the liquid you are using with your pipettes. The density can vary based on the air pressure and the temperature. Different liquids have different densities, so be careful of the density of the liquid that you are looking at working with.

You can look up the general density of most liquids that you work with. You can use the density factors in your calculations. Density is the mass to volume ration of the liquid and directly affects your pipetting process.

Density is one of the factors that is influenced not just by the liquid itself, but by the temperature of the space you are working in and the air density levels.

#3 Temperature

One of the most important factors that you need to take into consideration when pipetting is the temperature. Temperature has a significant effect on the overall accuracy of your pipetting. The temperature of the environment can change and influence many other factors that you need to monitor when using air displacement pipettes. Changes in temperature can change the volume of a liquid.  

The altitude, density of the liquid you are working with, and the temperature of the space you are working in will all directly affect the pipetting process. You need to have the means to accurately measure these three factors if you want to be successful with your pipetting. Make sure that you have the right tools to measure the temperature of the space you are working, the density of the liquid and track the altitude as well. This will help increase your pipetting success. 

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2 December 2017